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Institute of Special Educators

The Institute of Special Educators has been established to enhance the status of Special Educators. Our aim is to improve the quality of special education in Australia, including special education for infants and young children, children and young adults in school programs, adults in tertiary education, job support programs, post school activity programs and other services designed to improve quality of life.

Need for Recognition

For too long Special Educators in Australia have been disadvantaged because, unlike groups such as therapists and psychologists, they have not been recognised as a “profession”.

InSpEd has been established to address this failing and will do so primarily by recognising the approved qualifications and experiences of Special Educators, providing qualified applicants with “certification” and ensuring that members maintain their professional knowledge and skills through InSpEd endorsed ongoing professional learning.

Meet our InSpEd Members

Elise de Jong
Certified Special Educator

Over the course of my career I have worked in positions where the focus has been on supporting children and adults with disabilities and their families to achieve the maximum degree of independence and inclusion within the community of their choice.

Initially I worked with adults with disabilities in traditional community accommodation, then assisted in the closure of two large institutions and supported these adults into their own homes and communities. I established and managed a training unit that provided courses, seminars and conferences for people with disabilities and educators working in community services. I was part of a team that created ‘The Community Living Kit’, a practical guide for moving into your own home and living successfully in the community.

After completing my Master of Special Education degree, I moved into supporting children with disabilities in inclusive childcare environments. Currently I am embarking on a new project that combines my two passions of special education and lifelong learning by supporting young adults to navigate the world beyond the classroom.

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