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Institute of Special Educators

The Institute of Special Educators has been established to enhance the status of Special Educators. Our aim is to improve the quality of special education in Australia, including special education for infants and young children, children and young adults in school programs, adults in tertiary education, job support programs, post school activity programs and other services designed to improve quality of life.

Need for Recognition

For too long Special Educators in Australia have been disadvantaged because, unlike groups such as therapists and psychologists, they have not been recognised as a “profession”.

InSpEd has been established to address this failing and will do so primarily by recognising the approved qualifications and experiences of Special Educators, providing qualified applicants with “certification” and ensuring that members maintain their professional knowledge and skills through InSpEd endorsed ongoing professional learning.

Meet our InSpEd Members

Kyle Pitt
Certified Special Educator

Kyle has a Psychology Degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Special Education from Macquarie University. He began his career as Classroom Assistant at Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) School in 2004. In 2005-2007 he was a Literacy Instructor in the Schoolwise Program, based in Ashfield and Redfern, providing intensive literacy intervention programs for struggling readers from low socio-economic backgrounds. He was also key member of a team who established the Exodus Redfern Tutorial Centre in 2006.

Kyle currently works for MultiLit Pty Ltd as the Training development Manger. His role requires development of teach training courses and resources related to MultiLit’s programs, the delivery of workshops and on-site training across Australia.

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