Apply for Associate Membership

You may wish to become an Associate Member of InSpEd if you have an interest in the education and welfare of persons with disability or other special education needs as:

  • a parent or family member
  • an educator or carer
  • a program manager
  • a policy maker
  • an interested community member
  • a member of an associated organisation
  • a Special Education student.

Associate members either do not qualify for certification or are not interested in becoming certified Special Educators. Membership will enable you to show support for the overarching aim of InSpEd to improve the quality of special education provision in Australia and will allow you access to the resources, including research summaries, available on the member page.

Interventions for people with learning difficulties, InSpEd

Your role / areas of interest

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Price: $ 75.00
An annual fee of $75 is required for those applying for Associate Membership.