Endorsed Courses

InSpEd Endorsed Preservice and Professional Learning Courses

InSpEd is committed to supporting both preservice and inservice education that will equip those working in special education roles to provide quality instruction for the individuals with special education needs in their care.

InSpEd Summaries of research

Preservice Courses

InSpEd, What’s the difference between decodable and predictable books, and when should they be used?

InSpEd is committed to ensuring that the quality of preservice education in special education remains high. We are currently working with university course co-ordinators to develop an assessment of course coverage of the standards developed by InSpEd. We will be advertising endorsed courses on the webpage.

Professional Learning Course Endorsement

In order for a course to be endorsed by InSpEd, course providers will need to complete the application for course proposal and email it to info@insped.org.au. The application will then be sent to relevant members of the Expert Panel for assessment.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome and, if endorsed, the course will be published on the webpage as an InSpEd endorsed course. Courses endorsed by InSpEd will have a strong research base and address one or more of the Standards for the Certification of Special Educators.

InSpEd, Aims of Institute of Special Educators

Professional Learning Courses

InSpEd, Institute of Special Educators, Eligibility Standards

Professional Learning Courses endorsed by the InSpEd Expert Panel will be coming soon. The course endorsement process requires an assessment by two Expert Panel members with expertise in the area that is the target of the professional learning.Thus ensuring the appropriateness of professional learning courses offered by others to special education teachers.

InSpEd Professional Learning Courses

The following courses are provided through InSpEd. All courses offered by InSpEd will go through the same rigorous assessment process as is afforded to outside courses.Those interested in attending these courses or arranging for a course to be held at their school or service should apply to info@insped.org.au.

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