Preservice Courses

Which Preservice Courses are InSpEd Endorsed?

Providing sufficient evidence that courses completed many years ago meet the strict standards of eligibility applied by InSpEd has proven to be difficult for many applying for certification. In order to make the process easier, we are grandfathering past courses that have the approval of the Expert Panel. For current and future courses, we will require institutions to apply for endorsement.

Applicants who have completed courses that have been grandfathered or endorsed will simply need to provide a copy of the relevant testamurs. If the course has not been grandfathered or endorsed because a past course is not listed as an endorsed course does not mean that an applicant who has completed that course will not be certified. It just means that the application process may take a little longer.

As we get more information from our expert panel and other experts we will add to the list.

InSpEd Preservice Courses

New South Wales

  • Macquarie University Special Education Courses
    • MA (Special Education)
    • Graduate Diploma in Special Education/Postgraduate diploma in Special Education (graduation up to 2020)
    • Master of Special Education (graduation up to 2020)
  • Newcastle University Special Education Courses
    • Graduate Diploma in Special Education
    • Master of Special Education

Other States and Territories

More information coming soon.