Reading & Comprehension Difficulties

Learning Difficulties Australia Reading & Comprehension Difficulties lecture


Monday, 24 September 2018


8:45 AM - 12:30 PM


Education Development Centre (EDC), Hindmarsh, SA
Reading & Comprehension Difficulties

Dr Kate Nation from Learning Difficulties Australia will be discussing research-practice links and applications for the classroom, at the Education Development Centre (EDC) in Adelaide.

Reading is constructing meaning from print, transforming symbols to the message intended by the writer, which requires the orchestration of many cognitive and linguistic operations – from recognising the identity of a letter to inferring the mental state of a character described in the story. Download the flyer.

This session will:

  • consider the complexity of reading comprehension,
  • highlight the reasons why children might struggle to understand what they’ve read,
  • discuss evidence-based interventions for children with poor reading comprehension and consider implications for the classroom.

Event Cost:

  • LDA Members $ 160
  • Non-members $ 175
  • Group of 5 (per person) $140
  • Student $ 75

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