Kerry Hempenstall

Dr Kerry Hempenstall

Dr Kerry Hempenstall is a teacher and educational psychologist formerly in the Division of Psychology, RMIT University, where he had been an Associate Professor and manager of the Educational Psychology division of the RMIT Psychology Clinic. In addition to undergraduate and post-graduate lecturing, he provided clinical training for masters and doctoral students in the assessment and remediation of children’s and adults’ educational problems. He is now in an honorary position as Senior Industry Fellow, School of Education, RMIT University. Prior to his commencement with RMIT in 1992, he had spent more than twenty years with the Victorian Education Department as a secondary teacher, social worker, and guidance officer (educational psychologist). Kerry was active in presenting workshops and papers at conferences, and he continues to publish in education journals (e.g., the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties). He also participates in educational online forums, such as the DDOL Network for academics interested in literacy and effective teaching. He has also published numerous papers on educational topics.

Kerry Kempenstall, Expert Panel, InSpEd