Kevin Wheldall

Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM

Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall, AM has researched and written extensively in Special Education and Educational Psychology for nearly fifty years. His areas of expertise are learning and behaviour difficulties with particular emphasis on classroom behaviour management and helping low-progress readers. He is the author of over three hundred academic books, chapters, and journal articles in the field of educational (and child) psychology and Special Education. He has also written extensively for teachers and parents and has produced a number of instructional and assessment materials. In an externally assessed review of research quality within Macquarie University, he was ranked in the highest category as being within the top ten per cent of researchers in his field internationally.

In 1995, Kevin established the MultiLit (Making Up Lost Time In Literacy) Initiative, to research and develop intensive literacy interventions for low-progress readers. Since 2006, Kevin has also been the Director of the MultiLit Research Unit and Director and Chairman of the Board of MultiLit Pty Ltd, a university spin-off company. In 2010, he completed a major federally funded research project on the roll out of MultiLit in Indigenous communities in Cape York to improve the reading and related skills of aboriginal students.

In addition to his academic writing, Kevin has written for professional and popular magazines and newspapers and his opinions on matters educational (especially with regard to reading and related literacy skills) are frequently sought by the media.

Kevin Wheldall, Expert Panel, InSpEd