Mark Carter

Associate Professor Mark Carter

Mark Carter Ph.D., has contributed to the field of special education for over 30 years as an early interventionist, special educator, teacher educator and researcher. He is currently the Dean of the Academy for the Science of Instruction at MultiLit and an Honorary Associate Professor in the  School of Education, Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Wollongong. Mark has a range of research interests including educational issues in autism spectrum disorder, evidence-based practice in special education and controversial practices. Mark has made contributions to numerous Government enquiries and reviews and has been involved in consultancies evaluating government-sponsored programs. He has contributed extensively to the translation of research into accessible information through MUSEC Briefings, Nomanis, Early Links, and publications providing summaries and syntheses of research studies or reviews, that are accessible to practitioners. Mark has contributed to a wide range of conference presentations, often specifically addressing translation of research for practitioners and caregivers and has over 100 refereed publications and book chapters.

Mark has served in editorial capacity on Special Education Perspectives, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and Australasian Journal of Special Education and was an associate editor on the Journal of Physical and Developmental disabilities. He has also edited special issues of journals including Educational Psychology and the Australasian Journal of Special Education. He has acted as a reviewer for a wide range of journals in the areas of special education and disability. Mark has also acted as a grant application reviewer for a number of organisations including the ARC.

Mark Carter, Expert Panel, InSpEd