Membership Types

Types of InSpEd Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining InSpEd!

An application fee of $100 will be charged for those applying to be certified a Certified Special Educator. If the application is approved, this amount will be deducted from the first year’s annual fee. Membership in subsequent years is $100.00.

Certified Special Educator
annual renewal fee $100

A Certified Special Educator has a recognised qualification in Special Education, as determined by the InSpEd Expert Panel, and at least three years experience in a Special Education role. In order to maintain accreditation, Certified Special Educators need to have completed the specified hours of professional development.

Associate Membership

Associate members either do not qualify for certification or are not interested in becoming Certified Special Educators. Membership will enable you to show support for the overarching aim of InSpEd to improve the quality of special education provision in Australia and will allow you access to the resources available on the member page.