Our Vision

Aim of the Institute of Special Educators

To improve the quality of special education provision in Australia, including special education for:

  1. infants and young children in early intervention services
  2. children and young adults in school programs
  3. adults in tertiary education, job support programs, post school activity programs and other services designed to improve quality of life.

In the first instance the Institute will provide all suitably qualified Special Educators with peer-based recognition through a ‘Certification’ process that will confirm their status as true professionals in their chosen field. The Certification standards established by the Institute will be recognised Australia wide and internationally and will also provide employers with a sense of professional confidence in employing ‘certified’ staff.

InSpEd, Aims of Institute of Special Educators

Objectives of the Institute of Special Educators

InSpEd, Objectives Special Education Certification
  • Provide a mechanism for certifying Special Educators
  • Establish/maintain a highly qualified panel of experts to:
    • determine criteria/standards for certifying teachers and other professionals who have a graduate/postgraduate qualification in special education
    • assess applications for ‘Certification’ of Special Educators
    • determine hours and type of professional learning required to maintain Certification as a generalist or specialist Special Educator
    • assess the quality of courses offering a qualification in special education with the purpose of offering student accreditation to those enrolled in approved courses.
  • Offer professional development for New Graduate and Certified Special Educators and accredit appropriate professional learning offered by others
  • Disseminate information in the form of research summaries, newsletters/magazines to assist Special Educators to keep up to date with developments in their field
  • Advocate on behalf of Special Educators with State and Federal governments
  • Facilitate employment opportunities for Certified Special Educators
  • Assist employers to select appropriately qualified and Certified Special Education staff.

Our Constitution

The Institute of Special Educators Limited has been established under its constitution as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Its principal object is to improve the quality of Special Education provision in Australia by providing a mechanism for certifying Special Educators.