Our Vision

Aims of the Institute of Special Educators

To improve the quality of special education provision in Australia, including special education for:

  1. infants and young children in early intervention services
  2. children and young adults in school programs
  3. adults in tertiary education, job support programs, post school activity programs and other services designed to improve quality of life.
InSpEd, Aims of Institute of Special Educators

Objectives of the Institute of Special Educators

InSpEd will:

  • Disseminate information in the form of research summaries, newsletters/magazines short videos and podcasts to:
    • support educators, family members and other professionals responsible for the learning of individuals with disabilities and learning difficulties;
    • assist Special Educators to keep up to date with developments in their field.
  • Offer professional development and accredit appropriate professional learning offered by others
  • Advocate on behalf of the special education profession with State and Federal governments and other education authorities
  • Implement and support quality research in the field of special/inclusive education and support the presentation and publication of research findings
  • Establish and maintain a highly qualified panel of experts to:
    • develop and maintain standards for professionals working in the field;
    • make recommendations for member certification and endorsement of preservice and inservice courses
InSpEd, Objectives Special Education Certification

Our Constitution

The Institute of Special Educators Limited has been established under its constitution as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Its principal object is to improve the quality of Special Education provision in Australia.